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September 28, 2007


Khairul H.


Guido Rosas

Haha! Bravo Mark... I have no clue how you stumbled upon that video, but I thank Rao you did. And, being Spidey my favorite superhero, I certainly enjoyed the otherwise unlikely outcome! By the way, the music playing in the background is actually the spanish version of the opening credits of the Mazinger Z anime. Odd choice, but somehow fitting!

Oh, as for the actual comic book... I read a Mexican translation years after the original release. I was a teenager just starting to get into serious comic book collecting (after de Death of Superman media hype) but I still remember the rush of sheer joy I got out of it... they rarely make comics like that anymore.

Mark Engblom

Hi Guido! Glad you got a kick out of it. Oh, and thanks for identifying the music! Yes...definitely fitting that it would be some sort of anime theme song, considering so much of that kind of thing involves organized battle matches.

I agree...they rarely make comics like Superman vs. Spider-Man anymore....but the great thing about collecting comics is that you can revisit them any time you like!

Thanks for stopping by!

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