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September 22, 2007



I don't like Kevin Smith. I don't understand the appeal of Kevin Smith. What's more, I don't understand the comic book world's continuing fascination with him.

As the kids today say, "word," my friend. (Kids still say "word," right? Right??)

I haven't seen this-- I find most direct-to-video cartoon adaptations disappointing-- but I really enjoyed your review. Adam Baldwin is an interesting choice for superman. He played cool villains on Bones and Angel, and a morally conflicted hero on Firefly, so he might have been better cast as Lex Luthor, actually-- he has a kind of quiet, charming menace in his voice that would work well for that character (from his other roles, Marsters-- a very good actor-- strikes me as slightly too decadent and manic for the part).

Mark Engblom

Glad you liked the review.

Yeah, Baldwin was okay, but like I said, I get tired of the average guy voice they keep giving Superman.

I thought Marsters delivered a pretty good performance. None of the manic tendencies you cite.

Paul McCall

An example of the cosmic flux!
Just as I was reading this entry and your dislike of Kevin Smith. (I agree with you, by the way. His cult of personality just elevates bad manners and language.) One of my favorite NPR shows, "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!" came on with Smith as a guest!

Mark Engblom

Gaahhh! The foul-mouthed Slacker King is everywhere!

You know, as expensive as I know animation is (even when it's farmed out overseas), I wonder how much money Timm and Co. dropped on that little in-joke with Smith. It certainly didn't add anything to the story (if anything it was a distraction), and only a handful of people would even get it anyway, and an even smaller number would actually be amused by it...I don't get it. I'm sure it got Big Laffs at the movie's premiere at the San Diego Comic Con...which may, in fact, be the answer to my question.

luis lago

Interesting enough, if it wasn't for the website created by Kevin Smith, MoviePoopShoot, i would never had heard about this blog. i learned about comics101 through that site, and i learned about this blog through comics101.

Mark Engblom

It's true that Smith financed the MPS site, but I suspect a guy as talented as Scott Tipton would have brought Comics 101 to the people with or without Smith's patronage.

luis lago

Yeah, probably Mark. I don't dislike Kevin Smith, but i saw his cameo on Youtube and I thought it was really pointless. I bet that Toyman only used a toy spider so they could make that inside joke.


Solid review, Mark. Two things that really resonate with me in the review "The Bathrobes", and the observation that the violence was pretty well done (as much as you humans can actually get down with violence!)

I didn't see any mention of the 10-minute "New Frontier" reel, which made the entire DVD worth buying from my perspective. What did you think on that? As always, great posts. See you in the squared-circle this Friday.

Mark Engblom

Ahh...mighty Bahlactus! Glad you liked the review.

As for the New Frontier "sneak peek", there wasn't really a whole lot there. Mainly just interviews and still shots...but enough glimpses of animation to stir my interest.

I thought the last two issues of New Frontier ended incredibly strong, but the first couple almost seem like Darwyn Cooke had something else (something much darker) in mind.

However they adapt it to animated form, I'm hoping the animation is better than Superman: Doomsday. I recently saw the direct-to-video Dr. Strange movie (a review coming soon), and the animation in that film completely blew the Superman: Doomsday out of the water.

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