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August 10, 2007



Yep, and to top it off-- Bono and the Edge are writing a Spider-Man musical for Broadway (no, I am not making this up).

Mark Engblom

Zoiks! I hadn't heard that, Cinephile! Sheesh...where would Bono find the time between bathing us in his sensitive intellect and saving all of Africa? The guy's obviously a multi-tasker.


Thanks for not subjecting us to an all-too-easy "O face" joke.


Metamorpho can take em all on.
He has mad Guitar that shoots Laser skills.

Mark Engblom

"Thanks for not subjecting us to an all-too-easy "O face" joke."

Yeah, that's definitely wasn't what I was after with something like this.

Greg Scott

LOL! I knew it! Brenda Vacarro *had* to be part of something bigger! It all makes sense now -- thanks for bringing things into focus, Mark.

Mark Engblom

"Brenda Vacarro *had* to be part of something bigger!"

Yeah, after that Playtex gig, she decided to dedicate her low-wattage star power to the crusading O-celebrities.

Chuck T.

O-Squad! If you can find it, there's a Justice League annual (the year they all did Elseworlds, I think) with an Evan Dorkin backup story that's just that. Things fall apart for them when they realize Dr. T.O. Morrow doesn't end in O. Funny stuff.

ShadowWing Tronix

To add to the fun, the best friend of the Autobot's human ally, Buster, in Marvel's run of The Transformers was simply "O". (I'm assuming nickname.) He disappears after issue 8.

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