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August 16, 2007



Hey Mark...

I just wanted to say I read your blog every morning as part of my Firefox "morning coffee" routine.

And I wanted to say thank you for posts like this. Little tid bits of information and fun facts are always a good time. Your blog is truly a definitive example on what blogs/comic blogs should be.

Be well...and keep it up.

Mark Engblom

Hi Miles! Thanks for the kind words...they mean alot! I try to balance the blog between shorter and longer-form posts, and hopefully everyone likes the mix. Glad to hear that you do.

Rick Rottman

Its been 30 years since Elvis died? Man that makes me feel old. I remember when it happened. My younger brother was an Elvis freak. It never made any sense. He was the only 8 year old I knew that would save his allowance up so he could buy $3.99 Elvis albums. Back when Elvis died, nobody was into him anymore. I remember telling him that Elvis was dead and he didn't believe me. Wow.... I haven't thought of that in a long, long time.


Robby Reed will be back??? That is excellent news. Dial B for Blog is the best abandonned blog I ever read!

Mark Engblom

Yup. Like I said, he'll be back at the end of August. Can't wait!

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