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August 29, 2007


Brian Disco Snell

Great summaries, Mark. I love those old team-ups soooo much.

For readers who are interested in reading these stories on the cheap, DC has a line of trades called "Crisis on Multiple Earths" that reprint these classics. SO far they're up to volume 4, which goes up to the JSA/JLA/Legion of Superheroes story from JLA #147-148. Well worth the pick-up.

Mark Engblom

Thanks for reminding me about the trade collections of the JLA-JSA team-ups. I'll be sure to plug them after my survey.

Glad you're liking the summaries!

rev. norb

Geez, i loved that original Robin of Earth-2 costume! I clamor frequently for an action figure thereof. I thought JLA-JSA teamup #4 was almost all lowlights, except for maybe the fun covers. The part where Anti-Matter Man hits Spectre so hard he drives Spectre's legs up into his body...forcing Spectre to waddle around with feet coming out of his pelvis...is really ridiculous beyond words.

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