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August 05, 2007



I'd never made the connection with Watchmen, but you're absolutely right!

Mark Engblom

I'm hoping the upcoming Watchmen movie has a "giant Doctor Manhattan" flashback. Done right, and at the right camera angle, it could be breathtaking.

James Meeley

Very nice commentary on the times of that cover image. Mark. I've always been of the mind that our entertainment tends to reflect the times they are in, not direct it. That cover would certainly seem to suggest as much.

On a side note, it would have made a great contributuon to my "Larger Than Life" cover theme at Cover-By-Cover last week, just as the 1994 Spectre cover could make a great one for this week's "Into The Fire" theme. Good stuff, as always.

Mark Engblom

Thanks, Jim...glad you liked the commentary. I try not to dig too deeply, but some covers of that era really DO suggest some interesting insights into the times. Every era's comic books are sort of a portal into the times they were published in, and it's interesting trying to get a glimpse the socio-political "ghosts" lurking within them (no pun intended for the Spectre cover).

The Mad Monkey

Dr. Manhattan was a replacement for Captain Atom and had nothing to do with The Spectre at all. In fact, all of the heroes in Watchmen were reconfigured Charlton characters. It's all well-documented all over the place.

Mark Engblom

If you read my post again, I never said the Spectre was the inspiration for the Dr. Manhattan character. I made the claim that that particular panel of Dr. Manhattan towering over the jungles of Viet Nam was inspired by the Spectre's similar pose. I was aware of the Captain Atom connection. There being zero panels of the Charlton Captain Atom grown to giant size zapping Viet Cong suggests the parallel lies elsewhere...such as the Spectre cover.

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