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August 31, 2007



People have given me crap for liking Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, but I think it's just because they haven't seen enough panels of Sam beating up mountains. I also suspect they're no-good commies.

Mark Engblom

"I also suspect they're no-good commies."

Of course they are! Who could possibly have a problem with a folksy-talking, suspenders-snapping bumpkin shattering mountains with only his bare fists and courage?

If that's not America, then I've got a hot buttered croissant shaped like the U.N. logo for you.

Greg Walter

For me, one of the cringe-inducing parts of the last Crisis was the rout of the Freedom Fighters. Thanks for giving Uncle Sam his due!

Mark Engblom

Yeah, as the kids say, they were p*wned. They essentially played the same role as the Crime Syndicate did in the original Crisis...namely the role of the semi-prominent sacrificial lamb killed off early on to prove DC wasn't fooling around and that the stakes were truly high.

Glad you enjoyed seeing Uncle Sam back in highly-symbollic fighting form.

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