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August 25, 2007



So spill the beans! Which ones weren't guess by anybody?

(and sorry I didn't try this time, but then I'd promised I wouldn't after my last win... and this is the last time I brag about it seeing as I have been dethroned - gratz Tobey!)

Mark Engblom

The ones that nobody guessed correctly were:

#17: Black Swan

#20: Black Cobra

#32: Black Zero

Admittedly all ridiculously obscure...but you didn't think I'd make it easy for you guys, did you?

That's right...you were the winner of the "Am I Blue" contest, weren't you Siskoid? Interesting that both you and our latest winner picked the Alternate Earth Exploratory Team design. Must be all of that multiple earths stuff DC is into again that's raising its profile.

James Meeley

Damn! Beat out by only a couple of other correct answers. Well, I may only have gotten 26, but at least i didn't make it easy for the winner. Plus, i did mine without the help of Google or any other search engine, except my own brain.

I'm still proud of my comic-knowledge geekery! :)


I'm guessing Black was harder than Blue. Black had more recognizable characters, but the obscure ones were much more obscure. I think it's the fact that villains were included. It's a bit easier when it's all heroes (there are fewer for one thing).

Multiple Earths was just my favorite concept on there, and I wear the shirt proudly at the office. They know better than to ask questions. ;)

Mark Engblom


Congrats on getting so many (27) from memory alone! I have no idea if the other "contestants" used search engines for help, but that's great you tackled it with your brainpower alone.


I think the blue and black contests had a fairly equal level of difficulty, though I suppose the addition of bad guys and the greater number of characters in total had something to do with the Blacklisted contest feeling a bit trickier.

Glad to hear you're enjoying your shirt.


You forgot at least one:
Black Mask

Mark Engblom

Oh, there were a number of black-themed characters I omitted from the contest. I wanted a nice mix of the familiar with the obscure, but it was by no means intended to be an exhaustive survey of every black-themed character to ever grace a comic book page. That, I suspect, would tally up to a much larger number than I was willing to grapple with.


And what about Manchester Black?
And the Felicia Hardy Black Cat?
And the Golden Age Black Widow?
And Blackie Drago, the imposter Vulture?
What about Black Badge from Astro City?
And the Black Rapier too?
And Black Panther's allies the Black Musketeers?
And Sister Voodoo, Vanna Black?
What about the Epic character Black Eagle?
What about the second and third Black Condors?
And the MC2 character Blacklight?
How about Blaquesmith?
And getting even more obscure, how about Black Ice from Dorkstorm?
Black Samson from Image?
The Manga character Black Jack?
Black Vulcan from the Superfriends?
And most obscurely:
Blackman from Leader Comics?
And Black Power Man from the Brazillian book The Territorials?

I'm sure there are even more.

Mark Engblom

Er...see my previous answer. Looks like I'll have enough for a sequel, though...so thanks for saving me the research time!

Tobey Cook

This was easily a tough contest. I think I managed to get about 18 of them on my own without any help, since I read so many comics.

And Mark, the reason I went with the Alternate Earths mug in particular is because I'm a pre-Crisis DC baby :)

Mark Engblom

Hey, us pre-Crisis DC babies have to stick together! The mug is on its way, so may you enjoy many cups of coffee (or your beverage of choice) as you contemplate the multiverse.


When you do the sequel, also make sure you don't forget Dan Slott's Blackjack from Amazing Fantasy (vol 2) #15.

Mark Engblom

Sure thing, Acespot.

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