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July 15, 2007



I've used the trolley system extensively the last few times I've been to the convention. It's certainly cheaper (and less of a hassle) than moving the car around and paying for extra parking! It's also sometimes easier to get into than the free shuttle, depending on where your hotel is along the route.

If you plan on using the trolleys a lot, it's worth getting a "day tripper" pass. $15 gets you 4 days of trolley access. You can even get them online, though it might be cutting it a bit close at this point.

Mark Engblom


Thanks for bringing up the Day Tripper pass...I'd forgotten about that. Yeah, definitely a great bargain...making the trolley option even more attractive.

Great White Snark

Cheers, this is very helpful. I rented a car, but I hadn't figured out the transportation logistics, yet. Sounds like the trolley is the way to go...

Mark Engblom

"Sounds like the trolley is the way to go..."

Definitely. Spend a little time looking over the routes to plan the path from your hotel to the Convention Center. After you make the initial roundtrip, you'll be on worry-free autopilot the rest of the weekend when it comes to getting to and from the Con (unlike the always hassle-filled task of driving and parking downtown during the Con).


Nice series of posts you've got on Comic-Con; I've been pointing a friend who's never attended before, to them. A word to the wise -- definitely check to see how late your parking garage stays open; last year, it was an adventure finding the way into the one where i'd left my car, at 1 a.m. I managed it, but it made for a really nervewracking experience.

Also, don't be afraid to fork over the cash for a cab. Look up some cab companies in the area before you go; save their numbers in your cel phone, and deploy if needed. This can be a godsend if you're out very late, have picked up more stuff than you can easily carry, or find yourself lost in a bad part of town. This was a godsend last year, as I left a party after midnight, and had about 50 lbs of sketchbooks, markers, books, etc. to haul, and found myself six miles away from my parking garage. The $20 I spent on cab fare was some of the best money spent of my life, and my feet thanked me.

Mark Engblom

Hey, VT...glad you liked the posts and thanks for making your friend aware of them. Hopefully they'll come in handy.

Great points on the after-hours traveling around San Diego. Not being active during that time during my visits, that's definitely an area I wasn't able to cover. Thanks for your perspective and the great advice. Yeah, walking around San Diego at 1:00 am loading down with merchandise has "trouble" written all over it. I'm happy everything worked out for you.

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