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July 13, 2007



That's freaky. I was trying to decide between that issue and Avengers 156 for my debut offering in Friday Night Fights. George Perez delivered Ant-Man's finest fighting momemnt in your selection.

Mark Engblom

That IS freaky, considering the billions of fight scenes lurking in back issues everywhere. The one you ended up posting is a doozy. Thanks for stopping by!


This issue, along with Avengers 160 and 162, are among my favorite comics of all time.

Mark Engblom

They're definitely among my favorites as well. It seems like the definitive story involving the whole Hank Pym-Ultron-Vision triangle...with an icky Oedipal angle thrown in if you count the Wasp. The artwork by Perez is some of his most solid work of his early career (especially with Pablo Marcos inking him and not Vince Colletta).


Perez's early Avengers work (with Englehart writing) is well deserved of the term "classic." I love George's Vision from that era (and subsequently HATE his volume 3 version with the too-high widow's peak). Vizh seemed to be his fave character then. My favorite issue of that entire run is #147 where the Android Avenger dispatches of the Golden Archer, Lady Lark and most notably, Hyperion, all by his lonesome.

Mark Engblom

The Vision was a fantastic and formidable character for so much of that era. Just the right balance of pathos and mystery.


This issue has the single greatest final panel in history. I had Perez sign it at a con years ago.

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