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July 03, 2007


James Meeley


Pretty nice way of showing some American spirit for the upcoming holiday. I'm doing that myself at Cover-By-Cover, with "American Pride Week." Every cover will feature "Old Glory" in it. I have some pretty interesting choices. You'll want to tune in on them this week.

Mark Engblom

As always, fun stuff James. I'm hoping you include a few of the classic Superman flag covers as well. Everyone be sure to check out James' entertaining site, especially if you're a fellow fan of great comic book covers.


Mark, thanks for a post that's both very funny and very touching-- I really like the juxtaposition of all the slightly campy covers with the very heartfelt (and true) statement about the meaning of America at the end, and it strikes me that this juxtaposition of humor and sincerity is, itself, a pretty good definition of what it means to be an American.

James Meeley


Well, how could one do an American Pride theme, without including at least ONE of the many classic covers of Supes and Old Glory? Rest assured, there will be one in the mix. :)

Mark Engblom

"Mark, thanks for a post that's both very funny and very touching..."

Thanks, Cinephile! It's good to know I can occasionally get across what I'm hoping to. It's kind of a tricky balance working the semi-serious thoughts in with the zany covers, I'm glad I seemed to hit it with this one.

James- Looking forward to the rest of the covers.

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