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July 26, 2007



But can you blame him? Those girls are hot!

Well, the one outside the fortune teller's tent's a bit trashy, I'll admit, but otherwise... ARF! GRROWL! ARRRFFF!!!

Mark Engblom

"But can you blame him? Those girls are hot!"

Yeah, ol' Bob Oksner really knew how to draw "ARF-worthy" ladies.


I read these comics as a kid myself. I had a vague idea of who Bob Hope was, having seen him on tv... He was a standup comic that my parents watched, delivering almost-funny one-liners about politics. He wasn't nearly as racy as, say, Dean Martin.

The way I read the meaning of comics character Bob Hope was this: that he provided a conservatively-acceptable stand-in for the average-guy American male. His comic-book horndogginess was intended as tacit approval for all the rest of us to vocally approve of pretty women.

And really, wasn't the character just an excuse to draw comics full of cartoony pretty women? If I were an artist then, I'd have jumped at the chance to pencil issue after issue of fluffy hair and curvy gams, even if I had to draw a smirking Bob along with them.

I don't think there was necessarily any attempt to make us think that Bob Hope was actually like that. The one I saw on tv wasn't much like the comic-book version. Except for the name and a vague resemblance, they were nowhere close to each other.

In retrospect, I think the whole character can be summed up by his uptilted... um... nose.

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