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June 27, 2007



Interesting post. Two things i noticed from your scans:

1) I love how oblivious the rest of the FF are to the attack of the Frightful Four. I mean, there's the thing, dilligently looking out the window, and even getting his hands tied up, while the other three chat in the background, not even noticing: "Great hair, sue!" "thanks, johnny!" "Let me show you all my new invention...Hey, where's Ben? Ben?"

2) Dr. Impossible=Spawn?

Mark Engblom

1) LOL! Good catch, cinephile! You're right..they're pretty clueless, especially with the Sandman fully in view in their window. Maybe people passing by windows several stories up are just a normal occurance in the Marvel Universe.

2) I'm not sure what the deal is with Dr. Impossible. He just appeared in Meltzer's Justice League run, and according to all my research, there's not much known about him at this point. Still, he looked so cool, I couldn't resist including him. Putting him in the "scientific or sorcerous duplicate" category seemed like a pretty safe bet.

Glad you liked it!


Oh, and totally off-topic, but this is hilarious:



Actually, this reminds me of one of my favorite Batman stories. It's actually available in the Batman in the Eighties TPB. It's called "The Player on the Other Side" by Mike W Barr and drawn by Michael Golden.

In it, Batman comes across his mirror image or Doppelgänger called The Wraith. In this case, Wraith had his parents killed while they were burglarizing a home. The cop who shot them was none other than Jim Gordon!

It was a pretty cool story and the wraith actually had an outfit that was similar to Batman's, but completely different in color and style. However, when viewed as silhouettes, they looked exactly alike. I don't know if you ever read this, the original comic came with an essay about Doppelgänger and their origins in popular literacy...I'm not kidding, it was so cool. You should check it out if you haven't already!

Mark Engblom

You sold me, David! That sounds like just my kind of story....and the Doppelganger text piece is just icing on the cake! Does the TPB happen to list what issue that story was reprinted from? I'll probably just pick up the issue off eBay. Thanks!


The issue was actually Batman Special #1 and it came out in 1984. I found a webpage devoted to this single issue. Here's the URL.

http://members.surfbest.net/[email protected]/batmanspec.html

Mark Engblom

Hey, thanks alot, David! Like I said, I was already SOLD on the issue...in fact, I just got done ordering it from Mile High Comics! Can't wait to read it, and getting to see some of that rare Michael Golden artwork is an extra treat!

ShadowWing Tronix

Every season the Power Rangers have to deal with this situation. Sometime the "evil" Ranger ends up joining the good guys, either for revenge, because the spell has been lifted that made them evil, or they found out that the Rangers were the real good guys all along. Often, though, they're the usual alien monsters given Ranger forms and the Rangers have to destroy them.

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