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May 25, 2007



We're like-minded on this. I cherish my old, abused comics. Tintin: Coke en Stock now bound by masking tape, X-Men #99 which I bought for a quarter off a schoolmate already falling apart, Who's Who #1 with its stapes giving way, even some old coverless Avengers.

I've never been into comics for the resale value.

Mark Engblom

The only time I'm interested in comic book resale is to get cash to buy stuff I really want to add to my collection. For example, I had a complete run of Neil Gaiman's Sandman, which I enjoyed but didn't necessarily want to keep for all eternity. Therefore, I sold it off in 1999 for about $300 (the guy I sold it to was suspicious about me selling it "so cheap"), and funneled the money into completing my Silver Age Flash collection. Sounds like a pretty good trade to me!

Let me make it clear, if I'm looking for a particular issue and come across two copies of it, I'll naturally shoot for the one in better condition if it's not too much more money. However, if there's only a G or VG copy of a book I'm looking for, I'll nab it....especially Silver Age stuff (the prices keep getting crazier every year). They're sort of the "dog pound mutts" of comic book collecting, and I guess I've got a soft spot for 'em (well, as much of a soft spot as you can have for an inanimate object).


That Spider-Man comic is a true work of
folk art!


Try buying a mint copy and getting it into that state without anyone else handling it.

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