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May 29, 2007


Tom the Bomb

A perfect highlight entry. Anytime you can get a couple of giant guys to do battle while striding over a city, you up the coolness in my book by quite a bit. Not to mention fixing your shredded costume at the same time you LIGHT UP THE PLANET with your will.

This was an amazing run. Every issue was packed with action and big, colorful spectacle. While some comics of this era lapsed into decompressed talky-talk, JSA was packing in the adventure every issue. The trade you mention also has the Wildcat/Die Hard in a Superhero Headquarters issue, pure Kobra-brand evil, and a time travel adventure. So much fun!

Mark Engblom

"Anytime you can get a couple of giant guys to do battle while striding over a city, you up the coolness in my book by quite a bit."

Absolutely. I'm a sucker for giant guys knocking the heck out of each other. It was also cool to see Alan Scott go for the largest ring-construct I've ever seen him create, going far beyond the low-wattage boxing glove, pincers, or jail bars. The giant "Alan Scott" construct also speaks to his intense emotion and just how personally he takes his mission to shut down his son. It's not only his power taking him out, but a visual representation of himself to boot.

Something else I wanted to note was how, up until this point, DC had been playing coy with Alan Scott's superhero codename. For years, they'd saddled him with the incredibly non-descript (and lame) "Sentinel"...even though everyone knew he was (and always will be) Green Lantern. "They didn't want to confuse readers with the other Green Lantern" was the common excuse....but keep in mind DC had two Flash characters at this time, and that didn't seem to be a mass of confusion for most readers.

With this issue, and Alan's recitation of his famous oath, DC finally seemed to throw in the towel and acknowledge Alan's Green Lantern status.....and what a stylish way to do it!


that literally gave me goosebumps.

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