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May 05, 2007



Dunst must go. Someone must find an ultra-hot 20something actress with a gleam in her eye and a wry smile on her lips and dye her hair red if necessary. Go forth and search now. Please! Hey, that would be a great blog theme! Who should play Mary Jane in Spider-Man 4?

Mark Engblom

Yeah, I agree....Dunst has to go. If there is a Spidey 4, I'm hoping they try something different and get him out of the familiar environment he's been in for three films now. I'm not saying take him out of New York (since Spidey IS New York), but getting out of the Mary Jane-Aunt May-Jonah Jameson loop might be a nice breath of fresh air.

Maybe the Florida Everglades...as in "The Lizard"?


It's my understanding that Dunst doesn't want to be in any further Spiderman movies anyway (though she could always change her mind).

The Lizard may even be a possibility, couldn't help but notice Curt Connors has been in the background in all three movies. The actor who plays him has already hinted the that possibility has been suggested to him.

Look at how much Spiderman 3 has grossed this weeken, and ask yourself seriously if Sony and Marvel will just say "OK, that's enough money, lets quit making Spiderman movies." I think that at least one more Spiderman movie is nearly a certaintly.

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