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May 10, 2007



I'll have to try my hand, especially since I'm wearing that very shirt today!


I can't believe you left out Earth-Hostess (or is that the same as Earth-TRS80?).

Earth-18 is where Prez lives, and Earth-73 is home to the Super-Sons, Clark Jr. and Bruce Jr.

There need to be separate earths for George Reeves, Christopher Reeve and Dean Cain, and I'm officially labeling the Smallville universe Earth-9 (because Smallville is on Channel 9 here in Chicago, which is, after all, the center of the universe).

But this way lies madness.

Mark Engblom

Hi Lisa!

LOL, no Earth-Hostess is an entirely different place than Earth-TRS-80. There the crimes of supervillains all revolve around Delicious Hostess Fruit PiesĀ® instead of laughably obsolete computers.

Earth-18...makes sense, as does Earth-73 (groovy!).

As for Earth-9, I get a feeling the Smallville reality will somehow show up in a comic book story one of these days, whether as a throwaway gag or an actual crossover.


I claim Earth-25! I'm sure it fits a few elseworld concepts we've seen, though I don't have pictorial proof. :-)

Mark Engblom

Hi Kalinara! You've definitely earned your claim to Earth-25. Some interesting concepts there.

One thing:

"The real advantage to the female-JSA is that there's a built in reason that they would have fallen off the map. It's the nineteen-fifties and all the post-war conservative backlash favoring strict gender roles would have made it incredibly difficult for the women to publically superhero. There's the perfect excuse for the JSA to not be active by the time the Justice League is formed."

Here is where I think the all female JSA could have split from established history and defined a whole new paradigm. In other words, their time during WWII as the JSA most likely worked some pretty radical change upon the society, to the point where women's roles might have gone somewhere else other than the historical "war's done, back into the kitchen" path we're familiar with.


It's an interesting thought, but it kind of drifts away from the future concept. It doesn't really explore the modern heroes as women if the situation of women has changed so drastically.

Also, I hate to say it, but I'm a cynic, I tend to think the backlash to something like the female JSA would be considerably worse than the backlash during the fifties in America in our world.

It's interesting to explore either way though. And the close-down doesn't need to happen in exactly the same way either. :-)

Steve Flanagan

I'm not sure that my Earth-21 is quite what you're looking for, but still ...

Mark Engblom


Well, you're the "Monitor" of Earth-25, so what you say goes!


It was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for stopping by!


New Earth is doomed. It will implode at the end of the Countdown leaving the 52 universes to carry on......

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