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May 23, 2007


Bill S.

Don't foxes have, y'know, eyes?

Mark Engblom

Arguably, eyes could have made the costume an angstrom cooler, as would coloring it red...and a bushy tail.

Scratch that last one.


I've got a friend who "collects" "ideas that Stan Lee stole". He's gonna get a kick out of the friendly neighbourhood camera shtick!

Mark Engblom

Yeah, but at least Stan lost the flashbulb set-up the Fox lugged around.

As for "stealing" ideas...what ideas in comics are absolutely original? I think everything is an amalgamation of what came before...whether consciously or unconsciously.

Superman...the so-called "first" superhero? Yeah, maybe officially...but he's a combination of a lot of pre-existing concepts...chief among them Philip Wylie's character from Gladiator, some Doc Savage and who-knows-how-many elements from the sci-fi than osmosized into the minds of Siegel and Shuster.


Totally agree. In defense of my friend, it's just a game he plays. He does the Stan Lee voice and talks about having the original artist sign a piece of paper that said it was Stan's.

It's a pretty funny shtick in person.


i love how his radio epiphany is played almost exactly like bruce wayne's encounter with the bat in the window . . . only much, much lamer.


I'm surprised you didn't use the Runaways' rally cry; " Try not to die."

Mark Engblom

Funny you should mention the Runaways. I've recently started reading the trade collections of their stories. Great stuff! I'm not aware of the "Try not to die" rally cry...but it definitely fits with the tone of the books I've enjoyed so far.


Believe it or not, they made a Fox action figure in the 80's...and I
mean this guy!

Also, the Red Rube--It's a bird!...It's a plane!...It's Red Rube!--in Zip Comics had a battle cry of "Hey Rube!", known to strike fear in the hearts of evil-doers everywhere!

Beatles did pretty good with "Yah, Yah, Yah!"


The song he's listening to was a hit at the time. It was played by the Glenn Miller orchestra, sung by the Andrew Sisters and called the "The Little Red Fox" (N'ya N'ya Ya Can't Catch Me).

It tell the story of a little fox who mocks his pursuers.

So it did fits, but indeed it's the only time a funny novelty tune inspired a guy to become a superhero. Easier way to go than having your parents murdered or being exposed to an atomic blast I guess...

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