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May 17, 2007


Tom the Bomb

Gruesome but oddly compelling post.

Spidey: "Must... make... final quip... something about... 'hot under the collar'..."

Hal's "Lanterns Gone Wild!" pose makes it look like he's showing what happens when you get an impusle tattoo on a seedy planet.

(D) Unconventional but expedient appendectomy.

Buddy: "Never mind all that! Where are my FELLAS?"

"Spectre, when you said you would disarm the guy..."

I imagine the Flash making that "bibbity-bibbity-bibbity" sound you get when you shake your cheeks back and forth.

Wildcat: "I live for this $%&*!"

Did Parasite absorb Evil Superboy's "dimensional punch" power?

"Uh, oh - now Bane picks up a folding chair! I can't belief the referee is letting him get away with this! ...And here comes a souplex off the dinosaur's head!"

It's true what they say about Supermen: they're too much alike to get along.

Wolverine, having the ultimate Visine Moment.

Thor: "Lo! My FELLAS!"

Tony Stark: He ain't a pretty boy no more.

Mark Engblom

LOL! Tom...can I keep you on retainer for "humor backup". Man....funny stuff.

"Lo! My FELLAS!"

LOL! Thanks for the "supplemental" information!

Joe Morrison III

It is nice to have some type of "pop-cultural" reference to the evolution the comic industry has experienced; which doesn't neccesarily regard "the powers that be" as suspect. While also acknowledging the fact that there are also wicked diviners. They claim they want to wine and dine her; yet they truly desire to strap her down to a gurny, and string and twine her--into submission; of course. But not Diana of Themescara; no. She is no friend of Hera, and she will sends Hades away wimpering in defeat; with rabes--rabid dog that he is.


Wouldn't they be bullets coming out of Daredevil's back rather than casings?

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