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April 06, 2007



Well, you may be stretching it this time, Mark :).

Comics are repleat with variations on the "carrying an insensate body" cover image, but the only true Pieta hommages I know of are the Captain Atom cover you started with, and Harbinger #14.

The rest are people carrying people, and I'm sure they would have been carrying them regardless of Pieta. Or maybe it's just a matter of multi-generational copying, where younger artists don't know they're copying a copy. The Crisis cover, for example. There's a definite stageing to any hommage to that one (usually occurs in some kind of canyon).

But Pieta-derived or not, it IS a common cover theme, thanks for posting ALL of these, wow.

Brian Hughes

That's a whole passel o' Pieta pastiches

Mark Engblom

Actually, I'm not the one who coined the term "Pieta Covers". I came across the term while searching for Crisis #7 homage covers and, since it's Good Friday today, I thought I'd stick to that angle. Obviously, people holding dead (or wounded) people in their arms isn't an exact thematic overlay...but close enough to make for some fun, lighthearted discussion.


I'm going to have to disagree with Siskoid, because the cover to The Death of Captain Marvel is definitely spot-on Pieta, and lord knows it was intentional. They wanted all the resonance they could get for that one.

ShadowWing Tronix

Also, the Mighty Mouse cover isn't just an homage to the cover. The entire issue was a parody of the Crisis series, guest starring Bakshi characters from Mighy Heroes and his take on Mighty Mouse. Sadly, no Spider-Ham, despite being a Marvel/Star comic. It seems the writer loved Bakshi's version. Outside of an actual secret identity, I really didn't.

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