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April 01, 2007



I remember these pages very well, but never ordered out for anything.

I guess that wasn't a mistake on my part. But thanks for testing these for me!

Mark Engblom

Hey, overall it was a fun experience, even when the pranks didn't turn out so hot. It was always a thrill just to send away for something and waiting for the mailman to deliver it. It almost didn't matter what it was.

Cedric Hohnstadt

I remember those! I too was disappointed with the X-ray specs. My cousin got me with the "nail the quarter to the floor" gag, I think from the same company that made the x-ray specs. Classic stuff.

Mark Engblom

Hi Cedric! Yeah...I think all of that stuff came from some mysterious single source somewhere (imagining a Willy Wonka-esque factory pumping out crates of rubber chickens, joy buzzers and fake vomit).

tin whiskers

Yeah nice post.I remember these pages very well and overall it was a fun experience.

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