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March 11, 2007



That is SADISTIC! Love it.

And once again, Stan the Man is shown to have stolen an idea. Not since I discovered Fly-Man have my beliefs been so shaken to their core.

Mark Engblom

Ah, but the magic of Stan wasn't so much the ideas that were "amalgamated" into new characters, but the bombastic, utterly unique way in which he brought them to life through his scripting. Instead of a one-dimensional figure of hammering wrath (like the Comet), Stan (in his wisdom) made Cyclops a more conflicted, tragic figure...which was pretty new back in 1963. In today's world of wall-to-wall angst in comic books, it's easy to forget that.

"Fly-Man", huh? I vaguely remember that having some connection to the Spider-Man character. Care to give me a capsule summary (or link) to the Fly-Man/Spidey connection? I'd appreciate that.


I'm being a bit facetious. Fly-Man is really the Fly (he actually went by Fly-Man in one version). The Fly, well, you know the Fly. He's from the same stock as The Comet (Archie/Blue Ribbon/Impact).

I just called him Fly-Man here because of the Stan Lee interview about his creation of Spider-Man ("and then I thought, Mosquito-Man? Noooo. Fly-Man? Nooooo. And then I thought, Spider-Man, yeah...") which we commonly refer to in my circle.

And of course, I agree about Stan Lee's ability to reshape those ideas into something new and exciting. The success of his creations (as opposed to that of the memes he took them from) speaks for itself.

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