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March 09, 2007



If I recognized the first three villains in the title bar right off the bat... does that make me a bad person?

Mark Engblom

Not at all, Siskoid. In fact, it makes you a battle-hardened veteran of comic book reading, having seen these losers and lived to tell about it!

John Phelan


random thoughts:
1. Doofus P. Ratchet from the Flash is clearly a reference to Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men." Nothing like a bad attempt at a literary tie-in to make a lame villain even lamer.

2. Hypno Hustler will return, just you wait (actually - he had a cameo in Marvel Knights Spider-Man by Mark Millar. I hear he's also in the current Spider-Man:Reign.

A veritable Hypno Hustler renaissance I tell you!

3. Isn't Eg Fu in 52?

Mark Engblom

1. Didn't know that. I'd always thought the big dumb guy was named "Lenny"..but maybe there's more than one big dumb guy in "Of Mice and Men".

2. Yeah, I'd heard that the Hypno Hustler had made some recent appearances....which sort of ties in to all of the other lesser-known villains surfacing at both DC and Marvel over the past few years.

3. Yes, indeed, Egg Fu is in 52, though he's considerably more creepy looking that he was on that old Wonder Woman cover. I guess he's the guy behind the Four Horsemen creatures.


Superb list! Really cracked me up.

FYI: the Cap villain Tumbler actually made his [lame] debut back in Tales of Suspense, believe it or not! His "origin" is classic Stan Lee.


You forgot the Ten-Eyed man!

Mark Engblom

Hube- Thanks for bringing that up. The situation with the Tumbler is something I encounter from time to time when I'm writing the "Cover to Cover" pieces. Sometimes the first appearance of a character doesn't have a very good shot of the character in question, or none at all in some cases. So, I usually pick a better cover representation of the character somewhere else in the title's numbering. The cover I chose for the Tumbler, for example, had a great action shot that demonstrated exactly how the guy operated, so that made the cut over many of his earlier (and much tamer) cover appearances. In short, it's kind of a balancing act. Thanks for the heads up, though.


Oh, I had to save someone for the inevitable sequel to this column. There are plenty of lousy super villains clamoring for the attention. Thanks for the suggestion...I'll be sure to include him in the next one.


I would further add these ones.

1.Rainbow Raider Turn to a life of crime because he was born colorblind. Flash Rogues aren't known for having the best names however this guy takes the Cake for lameness as a Flash Rogue. What's next Sunshine as a super villain.
2.Walrus He's out of shape, Walrus's aren't scary, and he's suppose to be a enemy of Spider Man. He was pretty much doomed to lameness working for White Rabbit who is also a embarassment that dresses like a Playboy Bunny. Spidey defeated him with the flick of his finger to him. Nothing about him makes him a formidable adversary.
3.Black Fox One of the most incompetent Cat Burglars in Comic Book History. He's not quick like a fox so he shouldn't even call himself Fox.
4.Montana He thinks using a lasso is a effective weapon to contain Spider Man. A super hero that is strong enough to throw cars. He was easily defeated in a short amount of time, and futile to lasso up Spider Man because Spidey would throw him at the wall.
5.Princess Python Working for one of the most Incompetent Super Villain groups Circus of Crime. She was defeated by Howard the Duck who all he had to do was bite on her nose where she ran away sobbing.
6.Ringmaster Leader of one of the most incompetent Super Villain Groups Circus of Crime. Just about every super hero has defeated him.
7.Ten Eyed Man He blames Batman for being blind when really it's not Batman's fault. One of the dumbest names, and he was defeated easily and fast because he could only see through his fingers.
8.Typeface Seasme Street called and Typeface would be a guest star on a bad episode. The new buisness owner defeated this guy. That's right no super hero neccessary to beat this lame bad guy.
9.SignalMan His gimmick and concept sucks. The costume made people laugh at him even more, and he didn't attract thugs he wanted to impress but Batman. His criminal exploits were quickly halted as Bats when kick this embarassment in the face which took only a few seconds.

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