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March 27, 2007


Tom Richmond

Congrats, Mark. That is an impressive pile of comic book history, greatness and occasionally embarrassment. I remember the pre-eBay days well, and the hours going through boxes looking for those elusive issues on "The List". Good times.... good times.....

Mark Engblom

Good times, indeed! Like I said, as easy as eBay has made collecting, I still miss all the "sleuthing" we had to do back in the pre-Internet age. But, the good thing about finishing off a huge run of books is having the opportunity to start on another huge run of books. I'm currently working my way through Action Comics, though I probably won't make it all the way back to issue #100 like I did with the Superman title.

If I remember right, you've got one heck of a Detective Comics run. Do you still have it around?

Tom Richmond

I still have the Detectives. I've got a complete run from #250 on until about 10 years ago when the books got so bad I couldn't stand to pay money for them anymore. If I remember correctly there was a year or so where the main antagonist for Batman was "The Ventriloquist", one of the all time dumbest villians in comic's history, and that did me in. Detective is up to over 800 issues now, but I am sure if I wanted to I could get 'up to date' for pennies on the dollar.

I have assorted issues older than #250 as well. Tommy and I are buying Detective again now, so maybe I need to dust off "The List"...


I remember how blown away I was when I realized I had 100 consecitive issues of Batman (#148-247). One of the tough ones for me was an oddball one--#192, in the middle of the Batman TV series; most of the issues around then I had 3-4 copies of. I did have your Bizarro Giant thought. Those DC reprint giants were my favorites; it was when they stopped putting them out that I lost interest in the hobby. Of course, thanks to scans I now have the entire set of 67 years or so (including a few archive versions).

Thanks for blogrolling Silver Age Comics. I like your blog and will add it to the roll.

Mark Engblom


Good to hear you've still got the run of Detective. It would have been a shame if you'd sold it. I'll have to take a look at it some time.


Hey, thanks...glad you like the blog. I've enjoyed yours for some time, since you cover the kinds of things I like to read about.

Explain the "thanks to scans" comment. Are you referring to scans of actual issues? If so, from where? The internet...someone else's collection" Just curious.


Mark, there are quite a few active scanning groups; probably the oldest is on usenet called alt.binaries.pictures.comics. People there have scanned and posted something like 70,000 different comic books, including virtually all of the 1960s comics that I had given up on ever affording (that is, the ones I didn't have). I know that this is controversial, but we have tried to encourage scanning of older material so as not to be harmful to the industry. Comics under a year old (going by the cover date) are not allowed to be posted there. To give you an idea, today there was posted about 6-7 Comic Cavalcades (from the funny animal era), a Rangers #61 (Fiction House) and a whole slew of 1950s westerns like Lone Ranger, Great Western, Durango Kid, Apache Trail... stuff that you're not likely to find in a long box at the local shop.

There are many other scanning groups on Yahoo and using Bit Torrent and other file-sharing services.

Mark Engblom

Thanks for the info, Brainster. I had no idea there was such an extensive network of scanning groups.

For stuff that doesn't have much of a chance of ever being reprinted (or even found), I guess I'm not as uncomfortable about it as I would be with higher profile stuff with active copyrights. It's kind of a grey area for me.

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