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February 07, 2007



Well that brings back memories. Around the same time there was another Sesame Street type kids show called "The Electric Company", which features Spider-man as a recurring character. I remember the outfit looked pretty good excempt he didn't have boots but looked like he wore spandex socks... in typical kid fashion I thought he must slip a lot without shoes. I also remember the very lame 'webbing' effect they had... kind of a clunky cartoon pattern web that slowly 'wiped' from one end to the other. Still, it was always cool to see superheroes make appearances on other shows. Scooby Doo had an episode with Batman and Robin, and I think it was "The Brady Bunch" animated cartoon that had Superman one episode. I remember he had at least one of the kids on his shoulder at one point, then raced away and did something at super-speed, and got back before the kid started to fall. That one burned into my head... I still remember the visuals.

Mark Engblom

The Brady Bunch met Superman? Geez, thanks alot Tom....I finish one decades-long quest only to start another! THAT I have to see.

Yeah, I've got fond memories of the old Electric Company "Spidey" segments. I dimly recall that Stan Lee may have even narrated them. The strangely mute, mime-like Spidey threw me a bit, especially since he was such a chatterbox in his comic books at the time. But hey...it was still a "real" Spider-Man...and definitely the highlight of my school week when we'd watch the show in the classroom.

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