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February 09, 2007



You're right. Nothing says it QUITE IN THAT WAY.

Reminds me of a girlfriend I would have broken up with if only it didn't require the Ultimate Nullifier.

Mark Engblom

LOL! Yes, the handy Ultimate Nullifier is perfect for so many things, isn't it?

As for the GalacTeddy...I'm now crossing my fingers hoping I'm not going to be haunted by the ghost of Jack Kirby.


That is freaking brilliant and it (or the Starman action figure I'd been dropping hints for that he didn't get me either) could have saved my last relationship.

Mark Engblom

Hi, Ragnell! Yes...if anyone can heal a relationship, it's the Power Cosmic of GalacTeddy.

Thanks for stopping by!

Mike Thompson

I want this...NOW! Where me buy it?

Mark Engblom

Sorry, Mike...I wish it actually existed, so I could buy one, too! It's actually just a little Photoshop action on my part...so I guess I did a pretty convincing job if people actually want to buy the cute little ursine Space God. Who knows...maybe the Vermont Teddy Bear Company will take the hint and crank out the real deal.

Either that, or they'll sick their lawyer squad on me!

Anton Wilson

Looks like Galacteddy has a serious camel toe going on there.

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