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February 14, 2007



Great collection as usual, Mark. I LOVE that last Lois Lane one. It's going right up on my office door.

Action 512... What's Superman doing with that bald chick from Star Trek the Motion Picture?

Bill S.

Holy cow! AMOEBA MAN?! Fighting for the affections of everyone's favorite Amazon? That is so, indescribably awesome! Thanks a lot!

Mark Engblom


The bald chick from Star Trek? I thought it was Marvel's Moondragon! Seriously, I can't recall what her name was, or what her connection to Luthor really was (too lazy to check my copy), but maybe Bald Star Trek Chick (yup....to lazy to check what HER name was, too) really was the inspiration, since the movie had come out only the year before.


Awesome...and more than a little icky. That Amoeba Man....he's a RACEY devil, isn't he?

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