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February 05, 2007


Bill S.

I love that Wonder Woman cover, especially. "Minister Blizzard"?

I live in Florida now, but I grew up in Michigan, and my parents live in Rochester, NY, where they routinely get pummeled by lake-effect snow and very low temperatures. It's hard not to laugh when my coworkers complain about 40 degree temperatures, weather that, for me, just means I can turn off my air conditioning and crack the windows open. You have my sympathy.

Mark Engblom

Yeah, "Minister Blizzard" certainly doesn't occupy the "Top Five Cold-Themed Villains" list, that's for sure.

It *IS* funny to hear what warm-climate people consider "cold". Even more fun is to see the reactions of warm-climate people who visit here in the spring, since they're usually all bundled up in 60º weather, while winter-hardened Minnesotans are all running around in shorts and T-shirts. 'Heat wave!"

Dan Lietha

Classic comic covers Mark! Of course you realize these comic villains that used COLD as their weapon were all from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan! :-)

Mark Engblom

Hi Dan! Oh, come now...we all know that northern Minnesota is the Cold Capital of America!

(a sure sign of cold-induced dementia: bragging who has the coldest home state)

Greg Walter

Is it too cold yet? I say thee nay! Well, it did break today with the snow that much of MN got (I live just south of the Cities).

Your covers got me thinking and going back to my first run Who's Who and Marvel Handbooks to count as many cold heroes as I could. Most of them are bad! Does this mean cold = evil?

Thanks for the great site and affection for the golden- and silver-age!

Mark Engblom

Thanks for the kind words, Greg! It's good to hear my love for Gold and Silver is coming through.

And yes....cold DOES equal evil. Pure, unadulterated evil.

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