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February 20, 2007


Guy LeCharles Gonzalez

Well said. Anyone looking for Batman Begins or Unbreakable from Ghost Rider is only setting themselves up for disappointment. My wife (who loved Batman Begins, but hated Spider-Man 1 & 2) and I saw it last night and had a good time.

Mark Engblom


Glad to hear you and your wife also enjoyed it. By the way, what did you think of the Fantastic Four trailer? That one looks like a good time, too...despite the reported absence of Galactus.


I saw the movie with Tommy and have a review scheduled to post tomorrow. We are on much the same page, although I was not as kind about the performances of Mendes and Elliot as you. Glad you liked it the movie.

Mark Engblom

Hi Tom! Yeah, even though I didn't really pan the performances of Mendes and Elliot, they didn't exactly blow my mind, either. Like I said, Mendes was put into a rather unenviable position of trying to pull off an older, wiser ex-flame while looking like a floxie from a heavy metal video. Mixed signals to say the least. Elliot...God bless 'im, is the exact same character he's played in his previous two or three hundred films...but when it comes to conveying world-weary, quasi-western authority to a role, not many people can do it like Elliot...even when he's phoning it in like in Ghost Rider.

Whatever the case, though, I look forward to reading your review tomorrow! Readers: Click on Tom's name in the above post to check out his Ghost Rider review, and other good stuff!

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez

They showed the Spidey 3 trailer, but not the FF2 trailer at the theater I saw GR in, but I have seen it elsewhere and it's a good one. The absence of Galactus is probably a good thing since I can't imagine there's any way to personify the character and not have him come off ridiculously. I've seen rumors that he'll be more like a destructive force of some sort. The Silver Surfer as the cosmic equivalent of the sandwich board-wearing "The End Is Near" crackpot works for me!

Mark Engblom

Eh, you're probably right about Galactus, Guy. However, I still think they could have at least pulled off a "cameo" of sorts for old Helmet Head...or some kind of flashback as told by the Silver Surfer. Sort of the way Sauron was handled in the Lord of the Rings movies: a huge threat, but portrayed in a very mysterious, far-off way. I could picture the Silver Surfer giving a brief snapshot of where he came from or how he came to be, which could include some sort of awe-inspiring shot of Galactus looming overhead or in silhouette.

I guess after I saw this awesome cinematic of Galactus from Marvel's "Ulimate Alliance" video game, it seemed really plausible to include him somehow in the Fantastic Four movie.

I agree...as a character with an action or speaking role, it may not work so hot...but as I said, told as a flashback or featured as a mysterious cameo figure, I think Galactus could have found a place in the movie.

Still...they completely nailed the Silver Surfer, and I guess that's enough for me.

John Phelan

If you think this was how "Ghost Rider was always meant to be" you never read J.M. DeMatteis's run on the series, near its end.

This movie violated the entire spirit of the comic. The comics may have unintentionally been funny at times, but they were always meant to be dead serious tales abotu a man fighting his own inner demons.

This was a movie for nine-year olds with no critical facilites. I've never really disagreed with you before, but I have to say the entire review is just plain wrong. MSJ does not get Ghost Rider and anyone who thinks he did also does not get Ghost Rider.

Sorry, but I reccomend actually reading the comics, rather than playing up the comparisons to Evil Kneivel.

Mark Engblom

Okay, then.

John Phelan

I don't think I meant to sound so harsh. Sorry if that seemed a bit more angry than it should have.

I just posted on my blog - I think this post will explain my position better.


hey..this is a hectic movie..hehes..so cool..

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