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January 02, 2007



"Captain America becomes a tool for Millar's paranoid Leftist fantasies"


I take it you haven't noticed how the sides lined up in Civil War.

Those who BENEFIT directly or indirectly from the government have sided WITH the government on this issue. Iron Man would not exist if not for the massive defense contracts Tony Stark receives, which he uses to fund his expensive lifestyles (hero and playboy, which is indeed "pampered"). The Fantastic Four is the high-tech operation it is due to Reed's high finance sales of technology to the pubic and private sector.

Those who have a negative experience with the government are AGAINST the government. Captain America is a selfless and noble hero who has been a patriot through thick and thin--but the gov't turned on him in the 1980s. Cap knows the gov't is only as trustworthy as the people running it at the time. Wolverine is another good example of having trouble with "the government."

This isn't just "lefty" lunacy. It's VERY SMART thinking on Millar's part. He took the time to figure out how a character's personality and relationship to society would factor in.

All that said, still you took one comment in a fight and blew it up into some big political commentary.

Take a look at the homes Steve Rogers has had. And take a look at the homes of Tony Stark. Perhaps Cap is just a tad irked that the government has lavished great rewards on Tony Stark and never given Steve Rogers anything beyond an apartment and work supplies. Both get money and material from the gov't, but only Stark gets a fat profit on top of it. Whatever Cap gets is for Cap. Rogers gets basic nessecities and that's it.

Steve wouldn't be the first soldier and/or veteran to be upset over such things.

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