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January 23, 2007



Just like the full JLA / JLA villains spreads in JLA Secret Files and really, ever cover of Who's Who he did, I just love pouring over Perez' crowd scenes. And no matter what, I find myself playing the "name them all" game.

Mark Engblom

Yeah, ever since I was a kid, I've loved overstuffed mega-scenes (whether in comics, storybooks, MAD magazine, whatever), and probably explains my proclivity toward them in my own cartooning.

I was also a huge fan of the Who's Who covers by Perez. Unlike their 'Marvel Universe Handbook" counterpart, "Who's Who" had a number of visual gags going on that were fun to spot, whereas Marvel's covers (while breathtakingly complex) didn't really deliver that extra degree of fun the Perez covers did.


Great post (and site)! Do you know this book about Perez?

He has interesting stories about working on that book. He also just comes across as a really nice guy-- bright, enthusiastic and generous, all of which I think you can sense in the art, anyway (I grew up on his Teen Titans/"Judas Contract" stuff).

Mark Engblom

Hi, Cinephile!

Perez is definitely one of the all-time great guys in the comics biz. From memories of some of his earliest interviews, he's always come across as such an enthusiastic, dynamic figure. What's so amazing about him is that he's still that way, despite some real health challenges over the past several years. That, to me, really demonstrates his heart and his good soul...and puts many of the "sad sacks" in the industry to shame.

I definitely have my eye on the Perez Masters book you recommended. I've already got the Garcia Lopez edition (a wonderful book), and I'm sure I'll enjoy the Perez edition just as much. Thank's for the reminder!


How come thor is drawn three times on the cover... or is it Thor and his 2 twins?

Mark Engblom

The Thor in the upper right corner is a guy named Eric Masterson, who temporarily assumed the mantle of the Thunder God. When he was separated from the Thor entity, Masterson was rewarded for his service by Odin and given the magical mace and identity of Thunderstrike (who you see in the upper left corner).

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