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January 10, 2007



Captain America smoked too. Captain America #110, page 2 (Steranko art):


Mark Engblom

Ahh...but that's just a pipe, which many superheroes of that time smoked occasionally. But Tony Stark smoked cigarettes....an utter abomination to our health-conscious overlords!

In other words....PURE EVIL!

Jeff Rients

Reed Richards smokes a pipe.
The Red Skull smokes cigarettes.
Therefore: Pipe smoking is rad while cigarette smokers are Nazis.

Science doesn't lie, folks.

Mark Engblom

I wasn't going to play the science card just yet, but I thank Jeff for stepping to the plate and telling it like it is.


I don't think we wanna be currently using Reed Richards as a paragon a virtue and right.

Generally, though, I'd support this scientific generalization:

Cigarettes=evil agenda
Pipe=down-home sensibility
Cigar=takes no guff

Give me stogie-munchin' Ben Grimm, Nick Fury, or Logan anyday.

Mark Engblom

So where does that leave the snuff-chewers like the Rhino and Baron Mordo?


So where does that leave the snuff-chewers like the Rhino and Baron Mordo?

Excellent dancers.


Stan and Jack weren't old Shell Head's lone creators. Don't sell short Stan's brother Larry and Don Heck.


ehh iron man is still a hero no matter what


eh iron man still a hero no matter what he does

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