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January 26, 2007


David Price

Brilliant! This was fantastic and needs to be handed out whenever a creator that tends to be late is hired for a project.

Thank you!

Mark Engblom

Thanks, David. Glad you liked it.

It seems a few pros didn't like it much. Maybe it hit home a little too much. Whatever the case, I thought it was a message long overdue.


Darn straight.

I wish more creators would stop at step four. If you can't commit - don't do it.

What really bugs me is how there have been many, many pros in the past who could make a monthly schedule - and I'm not just talking about the superhumans like Kirby. Where are those guys now, huh?

Mark Engblom

Alot of the excuses I've heard is that "today the artwork is expected to be so much more detailed and flashy".

Expected by whom? I didn't tell the Big Two to use lavish digital coloring techniques and super-glossy paper.

I've also heard the crack that comics "aren't gum". Well, they're not the Sistine Chapel Ceiling, either...so I don't buy the mindset that modern comics have to be these extravagent, lavish productions.

Mike Lynch

Mark, I saw the link to this over at THE BEAT and couldn't resist linking it to my blog. Funny, funny stuff! Thanks for this!

Mark Engblom

Hey, Mike! Thanks for the link!

Nice to discover a fellow NCS member linking to me! I just joined this past fall, and I couldn't be in better company.

I really enjoyed looking through your work on your website, and will definitely add it to my blogroll.

Thanks for stopping by!

Glen O'Brien

This is further proof that yours is one of the best comics sites out there. Always enjoyed. I was interested to read somewhere on one of your pages that you had an interest in Christian Apologetics. I've started a series on The Theology of the Superheroes that you might find interesting. The Incredible Hulk is done and I've started in on Captain America. Check it out some time at Theology of the Superheroes

Mark Engblom

Hi Glen! Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoy the blog!

I check out your article on the Hulk from a theological angle, and really enjoyed it. You did a great job of setting up the character's background (since you write to a very mixed audience, I take it) and a good job of relating it to the Gospel. The Hulk typically isn't the subject of Christian metaphors, but it definitely fits.

I look forward to the Captain America article! I wonder if you'll make parallels between Steve Roger's transformation to a Christian's status of becoming a "new creature in Christ"?

Tom the Bomb

You have outlined a straightforward, common-sense approach to professional comics creation. In a way, it's sad that today's environment makes this seem like a genius post.


Um, no.


JT Molloy

That Jim vs. Jim thing is utter nonsense. ("Hi, I know nothing about art, but I'm gonna explain the process anyway")

THIS, however, is brilliant. Nice job Mark. I'm an artist myself and if I can knock out a good looking page in a few short hours, there's no reason these "pros" can't.

Also, notice the artists of yore, even the really "detailed" ones had no problem making deadlines? Kinda funny how all the excuses magically appear in this new era.

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