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January 12, 2007


z ryan

I don't normally comment on comic blogs, but you have one of the best.

Spider-Man prison covers: Spectacular Spider-Man 151, Amazing Spider-Man 65, and my favorite: Amazing Spider-Man 219 cover by Frank Miller (I'm just finding out).
[uh oh! this blog does not allow HTML comments. I guess you'll have to google image search those titles yourself]

Mark Engblom

Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoy the blog!

Also, thanks for the cover suggestions!

Spider-Man #65 is one of my all-time favorite John Romita covers, and believe me, I wanted to include it. However, the scene on the cover, paired with the context of the story (Spider-Man helps subdue a jail break), I didn't think it quite fit the criteria of the column (heroes behind bars).

Spectacular Spider-Man #151 IS a jail cover, but Spider-Man himself isn't actually locked up....he's peering in at his pal Joe Robertson.

Aha! Spider-Man #219 DEFINITELY fits the criteria...so I'll add it immediately! Thanks for the tip!

Glad you stopped by!

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