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December 10, 2006


John Phelan

This cover rocks. I recall when they copied it for the start of Bruce Jones' horrid run on the Hulk. The "return of the monster" cover looked pretty cool as well, but it's impossible to beat the original.

Mark Engblom

Yeah, I caught the re-do of the cover for Jones' run and, while still eye-catching, didn't hold a candle to Steranko's. Ever since I was a kid, I'd always wanted to own the issue, but the comic biz being what it was at the time, it was difficult to track down specific back issues, especially off-the-beaten-path stuff like annuals. Happily, I picked one up not too many years ago (at a convention, I think), and take it out from time to time to display in one of my comic book frames. There are very few actual Hulk covers that really communicate the raw power of the character, as this one does so well....and I couldn't be more thrilled to own it.

Bob Oldman

Oddly enough, Steranko didn't draw that face. It was redrawn by Marie Severin (I believe). Apparently this was a common practice at the time. The actual Steranko Hulk has a more monsterous grimace and a longer head with more unruly hair.

I've only seen the actual unaltered image published in a reprint book called "Hulk Megazine" from the mid '90s.

Mark Engblom

Hi Bob! Thanks for the background info on the Hulk face. Now that I look at it, it sure does look like Ms. Severin's version of Hulk's face. Incidentally, Marie Severin's Hulk is probably my favorite of anyone's, so I'm sure that contributed to my fondness for the cover.

Thanks for stopping by!

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