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December 28, 2006



Haha... thats something many of us have to go through, at least, if we want to live amongst these people who see themselves as mainstream.

Paul Saether

Aren't guys from your hometown supposed to scribble down some songs, hike to New York, hang around the folk/coffee clubs with Tiny Tim...and become legendary within a very short time?

Mark Engblom

Ahhh....yes, our "hometown boy" Bob Dillan. Since he only lived in Duluth until he was three years old, I guess we don't have a whole lot of attachment to the Nasally One.

Paul Saether

You sure - I thought he was much older when he left...Seven!

Someone (Toby something?) wrote a rather entertaining book about Bob (Positively Main Street ?) in which he told how he visited Bob's hometown, spoke to his old schoolmates and relatives and actually found some of His Bobness's comics in the basement of his childhood home in either Hibbing or Duluth.
Nip over and pinch them for me will you...he was apparently into Classics Illustrated and Ripley's Believe it or not.
Oh well.

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