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December 11, 2006



This Captain America was probably from the Ultimates universe. In case he can't kick you when you're down.

Mark Engblom

Hmmm....maybe. As for Cap kicking Banner when he was down, it didn't bug me much at the time. Considering nobody really knew if Banner could "Hulk up" again at any second, Cap had to make sure Banner was down for the count. Considering Banner *willfully* became the Hulk in that reality, the twisted little nerd deserved a good boot to the noggin.

Jake W

I think this is the Captain America from that movie serial where he carries a gun instead of a shield.

Man, someone should have thought of that marketing tie-in in the 40's!

Mark Engblom

The Cap on the package has wings on his head, which the rather goofy-looking Cap of the serials didn't:


So I'm pretty sure it's the modern cap the gun was linked to.


I didn't mind the kick to Banner either. It's more realistic. It's just not 'our' Cap.

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