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November 14, 2006



::Dances around the room::

I have this issue! I have this issue!

I always loved the comics with a multiude of stories in them and you got a sneak peak on the cover. Oh, why can't they do stuff like this now?!?!?!

Mark Engblom

Yeah, I really enjoy all of the 80 pg. Giants in my collection. They really gave you a nice "flyover" of the Superman books at the time.

Loren, how far back does your collection go? What kind of titles do you like to collect?


Hey, Mark...Probably my earliest comics go back into the 1950s. I'm not a collector that goes for value, but somebody who'll grab something because I think the cover is fun. That's why I love your "Cover to Cover" entries and even the "Worst.Cover.Ever." While I primarily collect DC and Marvel in the currents, I also tended to like to find obscure titles in the Silver and Bronze age...things like Nukla (Dell) and Owl Man (Gold Key). It's just fun to look at them. My philosophy on comics, old and new, is that they are meant to be enjoyed and not stuffed in a bag and board in a box (although, ultimately, I store them that way...but, I'm sure, you get my point).

Mark Engblom

Absolutely! I'm also open to picking up stuff that catches my eye. My most recent interest seems to be old Dell Lone Ranger comics with the beautiful painted covers (although the Clayton Moore photo covers are appealing in their own right). The old Doctor Solar covers are also pretty cool.

I completely agree that comics should be enjoyed and not locked away in hermitically-sealed vaults. In fact, I've got an anti-slabbing rant inside of me just waiting to get out. Maybe I'll save it for after the holidays...cuz it could get UGLY! ;)


You should totally write the rant. I'm so against slabbing myself. Don't understand it...never will!

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