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November 15, 2006



If it were JUST the first four films, I wouldn't buy it because I already have the first two and I don't care about the last two. BUT, this is just SOOOOOO loaded with goodies AND it's got all the Fleischer cartoons which, I'm hoping, have been restored. That's worth the price in gold for me. I'd probably pay $100 for this, BUT, if I act now, I can buy it for $69 on Amazon.Com

Mark Engblom

Yeah, the goodie-list is indeed tempting to any Superman fan...which is why I've got it on my Christmas list despite minor reservations about the various films included (or in the case of Superman III and IV, MAJOR reservations).

I already have all of the Fleischer cartoons, but having them as part of such an ambitious, comprehensive Superman collection is a welcome feature. I'm sure the episodes will all be restored versions, since digital restorations of the cartoons have been around for a while now (unlike the dreadfully dark public domain video copies of the 80's and 90's).

Greg Scott

Hey Mark, you forgot to mention the *other* special features included with the set. Features like:

1. A full-sized cellophane "S" replica, just like the one Superman throws at Non in SUPERMAN II. Suitable for wrapping all manner of food items, or for momentarily annoying your enemies in the heat of superpowered battle.

2. The lost audition footage of Samuel Jackson for the role of General Zod. "You WILL bow down before me, mutherf###er! Both you, and your mutherf###ing HEIRS!"

3. More deleted scenes from SUPERMAN II, including the "Wacky Hat Montage," where Superman and Lois try on wacky hats and look at each other in a full length mirror to the tune of Van Morrison's "Brown-Eyed Girl."

4. Seemingly endless previews for other DVDs at the beginning of each disc.

Mark Engblom

LOL! How could I have forgotten those extra features? I can hardly wait to get my hands on the cellophane "S" emblem. I wonder if we'll ever know what the intent of that thing was....other than to, as you say, momentarily annoy the Phantom Zoners.

I'll also be looking forward to the wacky hat montage. I can never get enough of those.


Hey Mark, hadn't they announced it would come with a copy of It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Superman, the TV adaptation of the Supes musical? I remember staying up late to see that on TV as a kid in the 70's and being SEVERELY disappointed that it was boring musical romance. I might enjoy it for a laugh now, though.

Mark Engblom

I hadn't read that about the musical's inclusion....but I guess it wouldn't surprise me considering how much stuff they're jamming into this thing. Yeah, it's certainly not topping my wishlist of "Superman Experiences", but (like you) I'd probably enjoy it for its horrific, campy excess. Thanks for stopping by, Randy!


I don't know, I think that having done "A Hard Days Night" should be enough to save Lester from being full-on dartboard-worthy. It should really be a picture of the Salkinds.

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