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November 20, 2006



LOL! It's so funny how the tagline reads, "Now, More Than Ever -- For Truth, Justice, and the American Way" yet the look on Superman's face is, "Yeah, whatever..."

Mark Engblom

Superman's bored look on his face is one of the major irritants of this cover. It almost seems incidental that he's holding an American flag, as if he's about to say "Duhhh...so where do want me ta put dis here flag?"

John Phelan

But we'll always have Birthright...

(oh, wait - that stunk too. I am so glad Eddie is gone.)

Mark Engblom

I certainly didn't shed any tears when Eddie left the books. It still astounds me how long DC kept him on the Superman books....probably the longest sustained slump in the character's history.

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