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October 29, 2006


John Phelan

This passes the "would scare me spitless if I woke up to it" test. That is one great cover.

It's amazing that in a medium that, at the time, was largely considered disposable, artists took the time and effort to create stuff this good.

Mark Engblom

I think truly great artists have always tried to do their very best in whatever medium they toiled in, no matter how "low" the society at large considered it. At this point in the 60's, some truly great illustrators had found their way into comics (such as Neal Adams and Nick Cardy), along with the other craftsmen who had been cranking out comics for decades (such as Jack Kirby).

It seems guys like Adams, Cardy and DC art director Carmine Infantino had, by this time, brought a cinematic sensibility to comic book covers, infusing them with more raw emotion and sensational imagery. This was a departure from the more "just the facts, ma'am" covers that had defined much of DC's output during the 50's and early 60's.

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