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October 13, 2006


John Phelan

The final fate of the Frankenstein Monster after the Marvel: Lost Generation is quite well known, actually.

In the Bloodstone mini-series, Ol' Franky (actually, calling himself Adam) shows up as Bloodstone's caretaker: he watches over the artifacts and introduces Bloodstone's daughter to the family business of chasing down monsters.

That was a fascinating cover crawl.

One interesting thing in Marvel's comic version was that initially the Monster was much more like the one in the book, erudite and intelligent. But then he got in a fight with Dracula and lost the ability to speak and spent most of the rest of his run as a shambling brute, like in the movies.

Mark Engblom

Hey, thanks for the information on Frank, John! It's great to have readers who can pitch in details like this from time to time.

Glad you liked the Frankenstein "cover crawl" (I like that term, by the way). Having always loved the character to death, it was a real pleasure to explore the far reaches of the comic book "coververse" for signs of old Frankie.

By the way, next week I'll be taking a look at GHOSTS on superhero comic book covers, so be sure to stop by.

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