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September 18, 2006



AND, these creatures look to be fairly large and I would think that they would be making a lot of noise (given the speed at which they look like they're travelling). Shouldn't Batman have heard them coming? Actually, forget that...shouldn't Batman have had a security alarm of some sort on the Batcave? I say Batman deserves to be stalked if he isn't smart enough to have security alarms! Pink brain creatures...have your field day!

Mark Engblom

Good points, Loren. In fact, all of these questions make me actually want to READ the durn-blasted thing just to find out how all this craziness "went down", as they used to say back in the 'hood. Looks like it's "mission accomplished" for whomever designed that cockimayme cover, in that they've got me hooked!


If you do read it, you'll have to share your findings and whether we can trust that the Silver Age Batman was really one of the world's greatest detectives. :)


The thing that bothers me the most about this era, and this used to bug me even as a kid is how large Bob Kane (or ghost associate/employee) drew the heads and how small he drew hands...argh!


5. Batman seems to be bending the test tube


A giant image of Humpty Dumpty (an award received by Batman and Robin for solving some crime) actually appears in this story. This should give you a clue as to its general merits. The target audience for this story seems to be about six years old.

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