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September 12, 2006



Oh, my friggin' god! That's priceless. You almost owed me a new computer because I nearly spit out the water I was drinking at the time of opening this page. ;)


Hope you don't mind, but I joined the "What's Distracting Patricia?" meme fray using your image. But, I credited you for the image.

Check it out http://lorenjavier.com/adventuresofagaygeek/?p=437

Mark Engblom

Cool....though I can't take credit for unearthing the cover. Many before me have, and I suspect many more after me will. It's a perennial "bad cover" favorite.

I'll check out the Patricia thing.


I guess this would be a great shirt to offend folks. Use that cover and the quote above "Got Wood?"

O.K. I'm leaving now.

Mark Engblom

LOL! That would be a great shirt, Bobb.....though I'm guessing Chuck Connors (if he's still around) or his estate wouldn't be too thrilled about it.

John Phelan

You just have to wonder if perhaps it was intentional and the cover designer just hoped most people wouldn't notice.

In fact, that might explain a lot of comic covers from the 50s and 60s.

Mark Engblom

Yeah, it seems unlikely the photographer way back when didn't realize what he was cooking up here. The proximity of the kid to Chuck is just way too uncomfortable.


What makes it even better....has anyone noticed the expressions on thier faces? LOL


That's deadly!


Shouldn't he worry about spliters? Or perhaps there might be a scorpion or black widow hiding in there?

I'll walk away now.

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