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September 13, 2006



As someone who used to work in a comic shop, I used to ask them to keep their voices down, and when the inevitable "WHY?" came back I explained that they might keep other folks from picking up the books, and that way mightlead to the book being cancelled. That word seemed to strike fear in their hearts. Of course if they were over 17 that never worked. ;)

Of course since the Internet and sites that discuss comics have become so big, this was/is not such a big deal anymore.

Mark Engblom

True, with the internet around, it is alot tougher to avoid spoilers, but at least it's an activity an individual can have some measure of control over (just don't visit spoilery websites prior to buying comics), but with the in-store spoilers, there's really nothing a humble customer can do about it beforehand. It's good to know there are a few comic shop employees who monitor this annoying practive. The "it'll get canceled" warning is a good tactic.

John Phelan

I rip their comics in half and then dance on the shredded pieces in glee.

Okay - I don't. But I want to sometimes. Usually, I just ignore them.

Mark Engblom

I've found that wearing my iPod into the comic shop with the volume up higher than normal can shield me from not only the Spoilers, but the Monologuers and Bored Girlfriends as well (a couple of sneak previews of future Who's Who entries!).

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