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September 01, 2006


Tom Richmond

Hey! Isn't that Tyrannosaur supposed to be in the Batcave??? If they are going to borrow momentos from other lairs, where's the giant penny??

Love the blog!

Mark Engblom

Thanks, Tom! Glad you like it. Other visitors should be sure to click on Tom's name, which'll take you to Tom's entertaining blog. He's a MAD magazine cartoonist, and there's lots of great "behind the curtain" stuff to check out there.

As for the T-Rex in Superman's cave, it would be interesting to see which of the two had a T-Rex first. Yeah, Batman had quite a jump on Superman in the secret headquarters department, but it's not clear to me when the Batcave T-Rex was first established.

Whatever the case, at least Batman doesn't have a full-sized ocean liner hanging from his ceiling. So there.

Tom Richmond

I guess no secret headquarters is complete without a dinosaur. The dinosaur is from a story in Batman #36, 1947 entitled "Dinosaur Island". I got that off the internet, BTW... my geekdom doens't run that deep!

Mark Engblom

Uhh...I beg to differ, my friend. I've seen your art studio, after all.

Your geekdom runs PLENTY deep, pally boy!

Uh...as does mine, by the way.

Tom Richmond

Well, okay. I do have a full blown batsuit in my studio, and my light table turns on via a bust of Shakespere with a swtich hidden under a hinged head... geek level confirmed.

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