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September 08, 2006



Oh, dear god! That's brilliant!


oh my god!! HAHAHAAHAH this is so excellent!

Mark Engblom

Hey, glad you liked it. I've always thought Yul Brenner would have done a great job conveying the cold arrogance of the old Brainiac (despite the pink shirt).

So it is written.....so shall it be DONE!


oh and by the way - love your geeky gears! specially the superpowers and the word balloons! hilarious

John Phelan

How about living actors?

I think Vin Diesel would work.

Mark Engblom

I'm not too sure about ol' Vin. He doesn't radiate that cold malevolence like Yul Brynner did so well. So...let's see...modern baldies.

Okay, I got nothin'. Anyone else have some intense-looking modern baldies? Yeah, anyone can get their head shaved, but I think alot of the time viewers are thinking "Hey, that's (so and so) with no hair!" rather than concentrating on the performance. Getting someone who's known for being bald let's the viewer just focus on what the character is doing, and not how good/bad the actor looks bald.

John Phelan

Maybe Ben Kingsley?

Mark Engblom

Yeah, Kingsley would definitely work. Heck, maybe even Grant Morrison of comic book writing fame. Something tells me he'd be a good writer...and there's certainly an intensity about him that would work well for Brainiac.

Ed Gauthier

Even just a few years back, your brilliant visual wishes would not be possible, but nowadays with advanced CGI, almost any such thing is possible.

They've been "bringing back" passed away movie stars for new commercials, so the sky's the limit. Therefore a CGI "pixar" type Brynner/Brainiac would be child's play for them now!

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