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September 11, 2006



I also didn't want to feature some cheesy scene of superheroes standing around wiping tears away. No offense to those who go for that kind of thing, but I think there comes a time when we need to put aside our imaginary friends for a moment and focus on the stark realities we face...without the rather silly intrusion of capes, costumes and chest logos.

This is why I'm against comic books even referencing 9/11 in their books. If you think about how many times a city like New York or Metropolis or Gotham City has been destroyed in the aftermath of some battle, it takes away from the pain that people still feel today about such a real event like 9/11. I think you did the right thing to not show such a panel. Very nice tribute.

Mark Engblom

Thanks, Loren. It's always kinda tricky finding that balancing point between our "real lives" and the fantasy land much of us chose to marinade in much of the time. Of course, there's nothing inherently wrong with our enthusiasm for comics, cartooning, animation and the like...but at the same time there are clearly occasions when the "vocabulary" of comic book characters and solutions are spectacularly inappropriate and, frankly, somewhat childish. September 11th, I would suggest, is one of them.

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