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September 15, 2006


Amy Reads

Thank you, Sir, for the biggest laugh I've had all week. I can't believe I missed out on the 25th-century marriage custom of the six-self-replicas-on-sticks-gun salute at my own wedding!

Mark Engblom

Glad you liked it, Amy! Yeah, I think the self-replicas on a stick have some potential for real-life weddings. It sure beats getting shot-gunned in the face with a handful of rice, birdseed, catfood, or whatever it is they're hurling nowadays!

John Phelan

I recall in a short story collection called "the further adventures of superman" a tale where Clark and Lois got married.

Until Clark found out she was a clone of the real Lois, who had been captured by the villain earlier in the story!

Mark Engblom

"Until Clark found out she was a clone of the real Lois, who had been captured by the villain earlier in the story!"

I hate when that happens! ;)

Speaking of Lois marrying Clark and/or Superman, I probably could have written an entire column on just *their* weddings (or near-weddings or imaginary weddings) over the many decades of Superman family stories. In fact, that might be a direction to take with a future column.

danny cheng

Of all the superheroes, the Hulk's had the worst luck in marriages. Has anyone noticed how everyone that he's ever tied the knot with is dead? Think Betty Ross, Jarella and even Caiera.... Poor guy. This is one green dude that really knows the meaning of "till death do us part" !

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