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August 20, 2006



Great piece, Mark! I didn't spot this before I did my recent "Ten of a Kind"--you did it soo much more thoroughly and extensively.

I found a handful of DC ones I didn't use (a number of LEGION books, especially).


DC (albeit a little late in the game) used a sort of floating heads/mugshot hybrid in Part 5 of that great JLA/JSA/All-Star Squadron crossover you covered a while back. The first four had a fairly standard "DC mugshot" look, but on the 5th, all the characters (while still in their established mugshot "zones") are looking on in horror at the action, floating-head style!

Mark Engblom

You know, funny you should mention those JLA/JSA/All-Star Squadron covers...because as I was putting that piece together, the thought occured to me to retrofit one of those covers into my original Floating Heads article. I decided not to (since I'd already made my point that Floating Heads were few and far between in DC's line of books), but that is definitely a good example of DC's reluctant "kinda-sorta" incorporation of the concept.

Dandy Forsdyke

I think the JSA in All-Star Comics got there first - see ASC #s 11, 39, 44!

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